How good am i at building and leading a team?

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

For this self-assessment, I finished in the second quartile with a score of 85. I think that there were a few questions that were very hard to answer and these are questions 8, 11 and 15. In questions 8 is says “I help team members become at least as committed to the success of the team as to their own personal success.” For this question I answered slightly disagree. A similar question in question 11 asks, “I help team members become committed to the team vision.” I answered again slightly disagree. The reason for this is that I believe a group or teams success is because everyone on that team was committed to the teams goals and not to their own. When working in a team setting it should be about what is best for the team instead of what is best for the individuals. “There is no I in Team,” is one quote that I like to follow in that everyone on the team should be treated equally. Without the sense of equality, motivation, confidence and job satisfaction become harder for certain individuals to deal with as far as their performance goes. I think that the best way to build and lead a team is through equality. I also believe that when building my team the most important pieces that I am looking for are the people who have the same beliefs as I do. This way, there will be less conflict in that group and therefore, easier for me to lead them when they all have the same shared beliefs as I do.

The other question that I had trouble with was question 15 and it said, “I encourage team members to represent the team’s vision, goals and accomplishments to outsiders.” For this question I put Disagree and the only reason I did this is because I feel that as a group and team, you team’s accomplishments should speak for themselves. I would not encourage any of my members to go out of their way to brag about the team’s accomplishments. I would like it if they felt confident and proud about the group that they are in and expressing the groups visions and goals is completely different from talking about the accomplishments that we have made. It seems a little conceded but at the same time, being proud of the group that you are a part of is another good quality to have with members in your group.

  1. chad gehon says:

    Andy, it was interesting for me to read your post for a couple different reasons. First of all, being an athlete myself, I find it interesting to get other people perspectives on what it takes to be an effective team builder and leader. Second of all, I feel you had some great comments about teamwork and what it takes to have an effective and successful team. I think it’s very important to treat everyone on the team as equals, as soon as people on a team start getting special treatment, other team members will start to resent them, and that can be disastrous to team bonding. Everyone should be treated the same, this will keep everyone on the same page and help them work together towards a common goal.

  2. wendysba390 says:

    Andy – Athletes (team sports rather than individual sports) seem to have a good handle on team work, but when you get into the workforce you’ll find yourself working with people who have never played a team sport. That’s where the challenge may lie for folks like you, Chad (who commented on your blog) and others. Not understanding why others have such a hard time with what seems to come naturally to some is something that needs to be recognized.

    So if I put all the hockey players in different groups and ask them to be the leaders of the group – that should be a good learning experience for the group and the leader! Hum…… Maybe next semester! 🙂 Thanks

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